Android And Windows Smartphones To Get ‘kill Switch’ – Telegraph

Android phones do not infringe on Gemalto’s patents, US court rules | PCWorld

“With these additional features, were hopeful that technology as part of a broader strategy can help to further reduce incentives for criminals to steal smartphones in the first place,” Humphries said in a blog post . The news comes after Apple introduced activation lock and delete phone to its Find My iPhone app in September 2013. Related Articles Yo: 50,000 users, $1m in funding and just a single word 19 Jun 2014 As a result, robberies involving the companys products reportedly decreased by 19 per cent in New York in the first five months of this year. San Francisco and London have also seen Apple-related robberies drop.
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Gemaltos technology enabled devices with less memory to run applications written in high level programming languages such as Java. To do that, applications are converted from Java into another format that is suitable for computing devices with less memory. The applications are stored in the memory of the chip containing the embedded processor that executes the application. The processor however cannot run the application and requires a converter to translate the converted application into instructions the processor can execute.
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Android smartphones shipping from factory with malware

It is not possible to remove the manipulated app and the spyware since they are integrated into the firmware. Large online retailers are still selling the Android device at prices ranging from 130 to 165 euros and distributing it across Europe”, says G Data Software. The company further explains, “the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets has not gone unnoticed by online criminals. There are about 40 million smartphone users in Germany alone. More than 1.2 million new malware programs for Android appeared last year and this number is expected to rise sharply.
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