Microsoft Abandons Nokia Android Plans Amid Huge Job Cuts

That’s not the only thing to go as Microsoft announced a massive 18,000 jobs would be lost and 12,500 of those would come from Nokia. It truly has been a seismic day in tech history, much like when Microsoft announced the Nokia deal last year, although this time these is no light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, anybody losing their livelihood is never a good thing, so our thoughts are with the hardworking guys and gals who have lost their jobs. We are also sad to see that Microsoft will not be pursuing an aggressive move into the Android arena. Yes, it was a tactic fraught with a chance of failing, but it did have huge potential benefit for Redmond and Windows Phone. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed in a companywide email that the company would continue to make select Nokia X handsets, but they would now be retooled to run Windows Phone instead of Android. Obviously it is hard to keep fingers in pies with 18,000 less personnel on the books, however we believe Microsoft could rue the decision to abandon Nokia Android devices.
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AT&T LG G3 review: Everything you want in a smartphone with the best display ever | ZDNet


The Kindle Unlimited subscription service, shown on an iPhone, competes against Oyster and Scribd. (Associated Press) Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited, an all-you-can-read e-book subscription service Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited service offers e-books for $9.99 a month Inc. on Friday introduced Kindle Unlimited, an all-you-can-read e-book subscription service available for $9.99 a month. Similar to Netflix and other movie streaming services, Kindle Unlimited makes available a library of 600,000 titles and thousands of audio books for one monthly fee. The service is available for Kindle devices, Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and traditional computers. They’re forcing self-published authors to make a choice: either go exclusive or be excluded.
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U.S. consumer smartphone lawsuit against Google plays into rivals’ hands – MacDailyNews – Welcome Home

Google argued last week the proposed class action should be dismissed because consumers still are free to use the other apps. The plaintiffs counter that most consumers either dont know how to switch default settings, or will not go to the trouble. If a judge lets the lawsuit proceed, plaintiffs attorneys would be allowed to delve into internal Google emails and contracts with smartphone companies, and could interview Google executives under oath, said Steve Berman, who represents the consumers, Levine reports. Any damaging evidence from the class action would play into the hands of Googles rivals. Microsoft spokesman Jack Evans said the company is not a party to the consumer lawsuit, but last year a group of companies including Microsoft, Oracle, Nokia, Expedia, and TripAdvisor filed a complaint with European antitrust regulators over some of the same issues in the U.S.
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Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited e-book service – LA Times

I may be visiting T-Mobile this weekend. Hardware The Quad HD display, that’s a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with a 538 ppi, is the star of the show here and it really is gorgeous, flawless actually. In addition to the high resolution, the colors look quite natural without being overly bright or too vibrant. You will also find that LG was able to maximize the display size with minimal bezels all around. They did a great job with this on the G2 and now ever better on the G3.
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