Nokia Mixradio To Spin Off From Microsoft For Ios And Android – Slashgear

DoubleBeams GoPago POS System Enables Slyde – An Innovative Mobile Commerce Beacon-Enabled Shopping App And All-In-One Marketing Loyalty And Payment System

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This service will eventually be able to work with Apples iOS for iPhone and iPad as well as Googles Android for tablets and smartphones. For now, the service continues to work with Windows Phone. Nokia MixRadio works in a fashion similar to that of Beats Music. Dr Dres streaming music service has a collection of music curators behind the scenes, creating lists of songs that users might want to listen to.
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Korean wireless giant SK Telecom. SK Planet, Inc. is focused on US-centric mobile apps and solutions to enhance the everyday consumer experience on mobile devices. SK Planet Inc.’s parent company based in Seoul, Korea operates that country’s most successful cross-channel web and mobile platforms, including Ok Cash Bag, which is the largest consumer rewards program with 37 million members and 50,000 partnering merchants, T-Store which is the world’s third largest mobile app store, and 11th street which is the most popular virtual mobile commerce marketplace.
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Tiny Magnet Brings Wireless Charging to the iPhone – Yahoo News

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Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Tiny Magnet Brings Wireless Charging to the iPhone By Chris Hutton July 18, 2014 1:21 PM 0 shares View photo . Many Android smartphones come with wireless charging ability. However, Apple has so far avoided adding this functionality to the iPhone.
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Nokia X Shifts from Android to Windows Phone as Microsoft Lays Off 18,000

Nokia X2

In addition, the Nokia X line of Android smartphones, which was unveiled earlier this year ,will shift its focus to Windows Phone. Current X devices will continue to be supported, but select future designs will become Lumia devices that run Microsoft’s own mobile OS, according to a memo from CEO Satya Nadella. The layoffs come on the heels of another open letter issued by Nadella last week, in which he described his plans to reduce Microsoft’s emphasis on being a “devices and services” company and instead place greater focus on cloud-based and mobile solutions. In an additional letter, Microsoft’s Devices and Services head Stephen Elop further detailed what direction the Lumia series will take from this point forward.
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