Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Note 4 Could Be Defined By An Unusual Accessory –

In recent weeks, various outlets, including The Verge and SamMobile , have reported that Samsung will debut its Note 4 alongside a sort of virtual reality headset — a mask that would allow owners of Samsung’s next phablet to immerse themselves in a virtual world. The phone itself would do the work, while the accompanying mask would keep it firmly attached to the user’s face. Paired with Samsung’s bluetooth GamePad, the Galaxy Note 4 could take mobile gaming to the next level. A partnership with Oculus If so, it could be because of a partnership with Facebook-owned Oculus. The virtual reality company has, according to Engadget , come to an agreement with Samsung to supply the software that would allow its phones to function as a virtual reality device. In exchange, Samsung has given Oculus high definition panels for its own, PC-centric headset. As evidence of this agreement, Oculus’ latest product, the DK2, uses the screen from Samsung’s Galaxy Note III for its display. Reports have suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will use a higher resolution display than the Note III, which sports a standard, 1080p screen.


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