Don’t Underestimate Smartwatches –

Or in other words, amid the hype about the Apple Watch being a fitness device, or a timepiece, or a status symbol, it’s the applications that Apple and others aren’t even talking about, the ones that are thought up by countless developers jumping on board the platform, that will make us wonder how we ever got by without them. “We’re at the genesis of the sensing industry,” says Mr. Vigano. When smartwatches are cheap enough to be ubiquitous, and if Sensoria becomes, as Mr. Vigano claims, “the Gore-Tex of wearables,” and if the Jawbone UP and the Nymi wristband become features of all smartwatches, what then? These devices will be the way we connect ourselves– directly–to all the technology that surrounds us. And opting out simply won’t be an option. Follow Christopher Mims on Twitter @Mims or write to him at


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