Iphone App Store Tops 1.5 Billion Downloads In First Year

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Google Debuts First Low-cost Android One Phones In India | Pcworld

The company is also adding support for more local languages in the next AndroidL update. The Google phone is not likely to be a game changer, said Vishal Tripathi, principal research analyst at Gartner. Its price is attractive and the availability of Google apps and a local language interface will attract users, but in the long term a lot will depend on the user experience, which will include hardware, software and their integration, Tripathi added. Vying for the sub-$200 market are a number of vendors, including Xiaomi of China. In August, one of Mozillas two Indian partners, Intex Technologies, started selling a smartphone running the Firefox operating system for 2,000 rupees. To get feature phone users to migrate to smartphones, Google will have to tie with operators to offer low-cost data plans at reasonable speeds, Tripathi said ahead of the event. Otherwise, a number of buyers of the Android One phones will start using them as feature phones. This is not a Facebook market and would also like to have applications and content in local languages, he added.
Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2683092/google-debuts-first-lowcost-android-one-phones-in-india.html


Don’t Underestimate Smartwatches – Nasdaq.com

Or in other words, amid the hype about the Apple Watch being a fitness device, or a timepiece, or a status symbol, it’s the applications that Apple and others aren’t even talking about, the ones that are thought up by countless developers jumping on board the platform, that will make us wonder how we ever got by without them. “We’re at the genesis of the sensing industry,” says Mr. Vigano. When smartwatches are cheap enough to be ubiquitous, and if Sensoria becomes, as Mr. Vigano claims, “the Gore-Tex of wearables,” and if the Jawbone UP and the Nymi wristband become features of all smartwatches, what then? These devices will be the way we connect ourselves– directly–to all the technology that surrounds us. And opting out simply won’t be an option. Follow Christopher Mims on Twitter @Mims or write to him at christopher.mims@wsj.com.
Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/dont-underestimate-smartwatches-20140914-00021


‘coolest Cooler’ Holds Kickstarter Record As Crowdsourcing Ends – Msnewsnow.com – Jackson, Ms

ET on Friday,andOregon’s Ryan Grepper raised more than $13.2 million for his multi-purpose cooler. The project set the all-timeKickstarter record on Wednesday.Grepper originally set to raise $50,000 for his second attempt to raise the right amount of funds.He originally posted the idea for the “Coolest Cooler” in November 2013. The 60-quartCoolest Cooler includes a full-sized blender, a speaker, tie-down straps, oversized wheels for beach and terrain toting, a USB charger, an LED lid light, a bottle opener and several pockets of built-in storage. Grepper plans of providing several colors of the “Coolest Cooler” in sangria, margarita, blue moon, cosmo, blue curacao and others. Customers are currentlyable pre-order the item on its website , where you can get $50 off for joining the wait list. The planned retail price for the harga hp samsung terbaru Coolest Cooler is $299, but early backers got the cooler with a pledge of $165, with distribution set for February 2015. Formerly, the all-time record for most crowdsourced project was the Pebble e-Watch, a customizable watch that users can sync to their smartphones and is available for iPhone and Android devices. The device raised more than $10 million in 2012. Follow me on Twitter @TanitaG_RNN . Copyright 2014 Raycom News Network.
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Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Note 4 Could Be Defined By An Unusual Accessory – Nasdaq.com

In recent weeks, various outlets, including The Verge and SamMobile , have reported that Samsung will debut its Note 4 alongside a sort of virtual reality headset — a mask that would allow owners of Samsung’s next phablet to immerse themselves in a virtual world. The phone itself would do the work, while the accompanying mask would keep it firmly attached to the user’s face. Paired with Samsung’s bluetooth GamePad, the Galaxy Note 4 could take mobile gaming to the next level. A partnership with Oculus If so, it could be because of a partnership with Facebook-owned Oculus. The virtual reality company has, according to Engadget , come to an agreement with Samsung to supply the software that would allow its phones to function as a virtual reality device. In exchange, Samsung has given Oculus high definition panels for its own, PC-centric headset. As evidence of this agreement, Oculus’ latest product, the DK2, uses the screen from Samsung’s Galaxy Note III for its display. Reports have suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will use a higher resolution display than the Note III, which sports a standard, 1080p screen.
Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/samsungs-upcoming-galaxy-note-4-could-be-defined-by-an-unusual-accessory-cm385711