Security Firm: Ios, Android Smartphones Face Similar Levels Of Risk

After all, these devices often contain information like emails and other potentially sensitive data. Some companies, like BlackBerry( NASDAQ:BBRY ), have built their platforms to be more secure, but few are popular in the way that iOS and Android are right now. Security on both platforms goes down when smartphones are subjected to a jailbreak, a type of modification some users implementto remove restrictions manufacturers put on smartphones to limit user options of what they can do with their own smartphone. Users tend to jailbreak their devices for a variety of reasons, including so that they can access a wider variety of software or use their phone internationally on a cheaper carrier. However, the jailbreak means removing some features that keep a users smartphone safer from security threats.
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Android and Windows smartphones to get ‘kill switch’ – Telegraph

San Francisco and London have also seen Apple-related robberies drop. New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman said the statistics illustrate the “stunning effectiveness of kill switches”, and has called for other smartphone companies to add theft-deterrence features to their devices. US Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat, and Jose Serrano, a New York Democrat, have both introduced bills that would require phones sold in the US to include kill-switch technology. Last summer, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson also wrote to eight companies including Apple, Samsung and Google stating that about 10,000 handsets are stolen every month in London, and manufacturers have a corporate responsibility to help tackle thefts. If we are to deter theft and help prevent crimes that victimise your customers and the residents and visitors to our city, we need meaningful engagement from business and a clear demonstration that your company is serious about your corporate responsibility to help solve this problem, Mr Johnson told manufacturers.
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